Pasquale Bruni Iconic shape 18K White Gold & Diamonds Ton Joli Pendant

Pasquale Bruni Iconic shape 18K White gold and  Diamonds Ton Joli Pendant Length: 89cm and  Flower size:40mm.

Designer: Pasquale Bruni
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Meet The Designer: Pasquale Bruni

For two generations we have created the most exceptional pieces of jewellery for women all over the world. Every creation uniting the nobility of metal and precious stones in a family owned and managed workshop in the heart of Italy. Each day we bring our knowledge, independent spirit and experience to the studio and workshop in a labor of love. An expression of vera passione, an emotion felt by everyone who wears it.

Pasquale Bruni had just turned 20 when he began his pioneering journey inspired by his creative vision. He was young and brave, which allowed him to immediately create special and unique handcrafted pieces that the world would soon appreciate. His ground-breaking approach changed the very nature of the jewellery business. For Pasquale Bruni, Valenza was and always will be a place of excellence. This is where Pasquale founded his workshop and raised his family. This is the reassuring cradle where his work has evolved, inspired by the vitality of his clients and their worlds.

The Collection Ton Joli - "Happiness in the rose gold of a flower, the character of a gem, the femininity in the soft light of a leaf, Ton Joli!" Eugenia Bruni
Ton Joli maintains the delicate faceting of the taglio Bon Ton, an exclusive Pasquale Bruni patented cut. The collection reinterprets the five-petals iconic flower of the Maison in new sophisticated proportions. Gems blend into a rose gold flower, wrapped in a leaf of white and champagne diamonds.

General Information
Gender Women
Engravable No
Metal Type 18k White Gold
Diamond Color White
Diamond Carat Weight 0.71
Designer Pasquale Bruni
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