The Clock in The SideWalk

Our iconic outdoor clock – embedded in the pavement at the corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane - was conceptualized by William Barthman himself in 1899.  The novelty of William Barthman’s installation was reinforced by the preeminence of tall, standing sidewalk clocks in the surrounding area, and our clock was produced as an innovative advertising campaign.

In 1966, the clock was refitted, and its face was updated.  In 1983, it was refurbished in collaboration with Cartier, after which Cartier’s name was added to the clock alongside William Barthman’s.  Presently, it continues to be a striking/distinguished landmark in the Financial District.                                                                                                                                                                              


Our original Manhattan Store on 174 Broadway with embedded William Barthman Clock in the sidewalk on Broadway. It has become a famous landmark of the Lower Manhattan.

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