176 Broadway, New York, NY 10038
(P) 212.732.0890 (F) 212.964.1581

1118 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11229
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        The jewelry trade in New York City dates back hundreds of years, to a time when small workshops and foundries began popping up in lower Manhattan. By 1795, Maiden Lane had become a jeweler’s hub. Many of these shops have since migrated to other parts of the city, but a single store – William Barthman Jeweler, has held its ground. Lower Manhattan continues to see significant changes, from thousands of new residential units being built, to several high-end retail stores finding a home in the area. Work still progresses on the new transit hub, just down the street from our location, as well as the re-building of the World Trade Center. Although William Barthman continues to be part of these changes, our core values and mission remain grounded as we enter our 131st year. 
Store Hours:
9:00am – 6:00pm Monday - Wednesday and Friday
9:00am - 6:30pm on Thursday
Closed on Saturday
Closed on Sunday
Manhattan 176 Broadway
New York, NY 10038
(P) 212.732.0890
(F) 212.964.1581

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